Dues Info

Dues Mailing Address:

Lewis Companies

9613 Interline Ave

Baton Rouge, 70809

Dues are currently $400.00 annually and due by Jan 31. After February 15th a $25.00 penalty will apply. After March 15th, any property with unpaid assessments will be turned over to our treasurer to place a lien on the property.

The Homeowners Association may sue the Owner personally obligated to pay the same, or record and foreclose a lien against the Property. In such cases the Owner shall be responsible for all costs of notary, filing and recording, and cancellation charges. No Owner may wavier or otherwise Escape liability for the assessments and or dues provided for herein by non-use or Abandonment of his lot.

The SCHA will actively pursue the collection of dues at 100%. If any homeowner neglects to pay the dues the SCHA is bound and within its right to legally take the appropriate action to collect.