In an effort to provide and protect each individual homeowner’s rights and property values, it is required that any homeowner considering external/outdoor improvement to their deeded property MUST submit a Request for Home Improvement Approval form prior to initiating planned improvements. If any change is made that has not been approved, the SCHA has the legal right to require the homeowner to remove the improvement from the property. SCHA architectural restrictions can be obtained from visiting

The form is provided below in both MSWord and fillable PDF versions.  Choose the one that best suits your needs.

Request for Home Improvement Approval (MSWord)

Request for Home Improvement Approval (fillable PDF)

Form Submissions: Please return completed Request for Home Improvement Approval form and accompanying documentation (at least 30 days prior to the start date) to The ACC will review and recommend approval/denial to the SCHA Board for a final decision. An ACC member may contact the homeowner after receiving the request if further information is needed.



Please mail or email this form to advise the ACC of any violations observed. Please reference the violated restriction(s) where applicable.

ACC Violation Form